Design Explorer

A Credit-based Career Discovery Programme for TWEENS and early TEENS

“Design Explorer” is a design career discovery programme for junior secondary school and upper primary school students. Starting with career planning, the programme features various design thinking workshops, designer sharing and experiential activities, leading over 100 students from more than 10 primary and secondary schools to explore the multi-faceted aspects of design, creative technology learning and career development. Through deepening the students’ understanding of the value of design in public policy, social & business innovation and sustainable development, the programme will inspire them to set their direction for further education and career.

The programme adopts flexible credit system with five compulsory and elective modules, including “Design 101” Design Thinking Workshops, “Being a Design Major?” Guided Tours of Tertiary Design Education Campus, “Meet the Designers & Masters”, “Public Open Space Action Lab” and “Citywide Design Experience”. In addition, the two special modules, namely “A day as A Design Intern” and “Sneak Peek Inside Walt Disney Imagineering” are offered to stimulate students’ creativity. Students are divided into upper primary and junior secondary school groups and they will be able to earn credits from different modules from November to December 2021, depending on their interests, levels and schedules. The programme is free of charge and students who have attained a certain number of credits will be issued a certificate by Hong Kong Design Centre, and get a chance to participate in special modules.


To LEARN Design Thinking as an innovation skill for overcoming daily problem


To EXPLORE different disciplines of Design and the prospect to play a part in the industry through a discovery journey, from meeting up local emerging designers to being a design apprentice.


To CONNECT with the design industries and creative neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Design thinking workshops, designer sharing and experiential activities

CityProg x Unleash! Design 101: Design Thinking Workshops

In collaboration with Unleash! – a programme by Hong Kong Design Centre to promote design thinking to the city, the Design 101 is a series of workshops that teaches design thinking. As the first stop of the students’ “Design Explorer” journey, the workshops equipped students with innovative ways of thinking, empathy and other key competencies for the future.

“Being a Design Major?” Guided Tours of Tertiary Design Education Campus

Further study is an integral part of career planning. When it comes to studying design, some questions are frequently asked, like “do I have to be good at drawing to study?” and “how many categories are there in the design department?”. “Design Explorer” elective module “Being a Design Major?” allows students to gain first-hand experience of visiting leading design institutions in Hong Kong, including the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong Community College and the Hong Kong Institute of Higher Education and Technology. During the guided tour, students record what they see and hear on the way through drawings and photos, thus enhancing their knowledge of the design department and interest in studying design.

Meet the Designers & Masters

As a budding designer, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to become a design master. Over 30 designers and brands were invited to participate in “Meet the Designers & Masters” module, including the internationally recognised Zaha Hadid Architects (Hong Kong), James Law Cybertecture International Holdings Ltd, Collective Studio and Classics Anew, etc. Students have the chance to visit the mysterious work studios of design professionals, learn about their stories and exchange ideas on their creative journey. Students can experience different design cultures and ways of thinking.

Public Open Space Action Lab

Public space is a physical space with a distinctive “publicness” that can be enjoyed free of charge by stakeholders of all ages, classes and ethnicities in society. We can use design and design thinking to optimise public space, giving it different functions and characteristics and enhancing its importance in the city. “Public Open Space Action Lab” will provide students with an understanding of the planning models of urban and public space design. Through the co-created workshop, students will be able to reflect and learn how design can improve public space and participate in co-creation to unite the neighbourhood and beautify the community.

Citywide Design Experience

“Design Explorer” aims to nurture the innovative forces of change for the future and to navigate the new normal, where decisive leadership and cross-disciplinary collaborative creativity are of paramount importance. Students can choose to participate in the Business of Design Week and CityProg events. Business of Design Week 2021, themed “Global Design Reset”, invites leading entrepreneurs, creatives and designers from different industries around the world to share how design can create a sustainable future that drives economic growth and sustainable social development. CityProg 2021 brings together more than 100 creative partners to spark over 200 design happenings around the city, where students can participate according to their interests and ability to experience how design and creativity can take root in their communities and bring a global impact.

A day as A Design Intern

“Design Explorer” believes that practical experience will help students enter the design profession and fly higher and further in the future. Students who have gained a certain number of credits may choose to take part in a half-day / one-day design internship to turn their knowledge into competence. Before the placement, mentors will explain theories of career aptitudes to students to understand their personality types and characteristics to find the right direction for future development. Following the internship, students can learn from local designers and gain experience in the real workplace.

Sneak Peek Inside Walt Disney Imagineering

A favourite with adults and children alike, Walt Disney World is a magical and joyful dreamland where familiar Disney stories are transformed into real-life settings. Walt Disney Imagineering is the development arm of The Walt Disney Company and is responsible for planning and designing theme parks, shows and attractions, retail and dining, and resort hotels. Students who have earned the required credits will have the opportunity to visit the mysterious headquarters of Walt Disney Imagineering and learn how the departments uses “experience design” to combine the elements of imaginations and engineering to turn dreams into reality and design amazing journeys.

Participating Partners and Schools


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