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Heritage Vogue · Hollywood Road

Central Market
The Central Market Revitalization Project is a conservation and revitalization project under the Urban Renewal Authority (referred to as the“URA”), and it is also under the new initiative of “Conserving Central” by the Government. The URA commenced restoration and preservation works for this 80-year-old grade three historic building with the application of innovative restoration methods, repair materials, and project management software, in order to enhance both the work quality and efficiency. In terms of operations, the URA has partnered with Chinachem Group to jointly operate and manage this building located in the center of Central.

The URA and Chinachem Group will work together to inject the concept of“Playground for All” into the Central Market and turn this landmark that had been in operation from 1939 to 2003, into a vibrant community hotspot that combines “Approachable”, “Energetic”and “Gregarious”, which not only preserves collective memories, but also brings new experiences to the community.

Heritage Vogue · Hollywood Road is organised by the Commissioner for the Heritage Office of the Development Bureau, in collaboration with the Antiquities and Monuments Office, Tai Kwun, PMQ and the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Nine other historic buildings in the Central and Western District, including Central Market, and several project operators in the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme will present fun activities that combine history, culture and art!
The street carnival features events including guided tours, exhibitions, workshops, music and dance performances, outdoor film screenings, fire dragon dances and more. Hop on a free shuttle bus or walk around the different  buildings on the day!