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Play Out of the Box

Organised by Anewtoys Limited

In Collaboration with
Siu Tin Sum@Shapelessness Workshop | Ying Wa Primary School | SVhk Cradle to Classroom Clubhouse | S.K.H. St. Benedict's School | H.K.S.K.H. Lady Maclehose Centre Integrated Community Service Centre | Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School | H.K.S.K.H. Kowloon City Children and Youth Integrated Service Centre | VTC Youth College


11/2022 - 12/2022


Sham Shui Po

Toys play an important role in child development. However, countless unwanted toys are disregarded every year in Hong Kong, while many kids in grassroot families cannot afford their own toys. Through upcycling and resource sharing, the public will extend the life of toys with creativity and connect with the community. 

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About Partner

Anewtoys Limited

ANEWTOYS was established in 2017 as a pilot project at first, and was registered as social enterprise in Hong Kong in 2022 for further development. We aim to inspire creativity from re-creating toys. We promote the sharing of toys among children and encourage them to make their own toys. We hope to break down hierarchies so both grassroots and rich children can enjoy making toys.

Their scope of works include: (i) Corporate Services: to plan for game fun fair, design toys and devices, provide experiential learning activities of design thinking and handmade toys etc. for schools, social welfare organisations and enterprises; (ii) Community Services: to regularly organise free activities in different communities and districts, including Exchange Toys Fair and Handmade Toys Workshops; (iii) Product Development: to develop and launch the made in Hong Kong brand of 'ANEWTOYS DIY KIT' and 'Party Game DIY KIT', which integrated the elements of environmentally friendliness, creativity and parent-child relationship enhancement.