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InNovAction Tsuen Wan

Organised by HKFYG Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T.

In Collaboration with
Match@KaCaMa Design Lab | Vicky Chan@ Avoid Obvious Architects | Douryokujinja | SAGE Tsuen Wan District Elderly Community Centre

Everyone knows that regular exercise is beneficial to our physical and mental health. But have you ever been curious about what sports design is? At ‘InNovAction Tsuen Wan’, a group of youngsters with equip the public with sports design knowledge and promote a healthy lifestyle in a creative way.

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CityProg2022 Sharing from Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T.: InNovAction Tsuen Wan

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HKFYG Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T.

The Federation of Youth groups Tsuen Wan S.P.O.T provides space and opportunity to learn and develop. We focus on Strengthening Classroom Learning, Continuous Learning Opportunities and Experiential Learning in a societal context, offering tailor-made programmes in combination with other provided services.